Unfortunately WordPress does not support 360 video embedding. Please follow this link to screen the video on YouTube: You will need to use the Chrome or Safari browser. Please avoid Firefox or you will experience some significant colour distortion.

The project is still very much a work in progress. The point clouds have presented a number of challenges for the renders. As previously mentioned, they are computationally complex and heavy. The result is that after 3 weeks with a team doing exports, we have not managed to export full scenes with the animations for the main character Thérèse. The computers stall, crash and only render partial random sequences

This version is made mainly from stills. It is a 4K stereoscopic render that would be better viewed in a headset. Uploading it adds some compression, reducing the quality, but the stereo output does at least demonstrate a sense of the depth and texture of the point clouds. You can use your cursor to look around the 360 frame.

It should be noted that in the animations, Thérèse mysteriously appears and disappears in different locations in the scenes via teleportation. Here is is just static and in the scene from beginning to end.

I knew going into the project that there would be numerous hurdles, but carried on in the spirit of experimentation. The work will continue in the months to come as we prepare a 2D version of the project while testing other technologies and methods to hopefully fully realize the initial vision.